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Expedia Report: Mobile Travel Booking Will Only Get Bigger

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For years, mobile has been on the move as consumers’ preferred platform for looking up and reserving hotel rooms and flights. According to new data from Expedia Media Solutions, mobile travel booking has already arrived — at least in the United States.


Expedia published at the end of 2016 its fourth edition of the “Traveler’s Path to Purchase” report, expanding it to cover all online-booking behaviors of nearly 2,500 travel consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The data revealed several important trends in hotel distribution, chief among them that mobile is growing in popularity for engaging with travel content among those three countries’ already huge and expanding bases of digital users.

The report found that since September 2015, more total minutes of U.S. consumers’ engagement with online travel content occurred on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers. Mobile has not yet overtaken desktop in Canada or the United Kingdom, but Expedia expects that crossover to occur some time in the next six to nine months.

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