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online marketing and ecommerce service in Bali


The success key in hotel online business is be and bookable everywhere. If you are not a chain hotel who have massive marketing budget to promote their property, the best way to promote and sell your property is by listing your property on OTAs. There are hundreds of them in the world, but in Indonesia, especially Bali, the TOP 5 OTAs are Agoda, Booking.com, Expedia, Ctrip, and Traveloka

Main business of OTAs is B2C/Retail. For B2B/Wholesale, Hotelbeds, GTA, DOTW, and Flight Centre are the top online wholesalers for Indonesia. 

Most of independent properties such as small hotel, private villas, guesthouse, hostel, cottages, etc. They only list their property on few channels (Top survey is Booking.com & AirBnB), is it enough? No! Why? Because each OTA has their own market, if we only register on few booking channels, we will lost the other markets. 

We understand this concern very much. Most of independent property owner are too busy with the operational, In addition to time constraints, listing their properties on other booking sites is quite troublesome, and they fear if by the growing number of booking channels, the risk of over-booking will be higher.

That's why we offering our service. Bali Online Marketing help the independent properties to register their property on TOP OTAs and Online Wholesalers to increase business from online channels. 

online marketing and ecommerce service in Bali


Like a car, if we want your car always goes well, we should taking care of it, and if we want it goes faster, we do a tune up. Same treatment also applied on OTAs.

The key factor of success business with OTAs is Conversion, followed by contents, review, and how active we join with their marketing program.

How about rates and availability? Yes, It's very important. To maintain our conversion, we must do market watch, do promotion, make sure our property is always competitive in the market. Avoid issues like rate parity issue and miss availability or overbooking, these issues will make your property score on OTAs poor, drop your ranking/position, and then affecting your conversion. No conversion no revenue! 

Finding person who understand case above is quite difficult. Most of them (Ecommerce) are prefer to working at big hotels, that's why we offering this service.

Bali Online Marketing help you to manage your online booking sites, make sure your property always up to date, competitive in the market, and yield your rate to optimise your rate and revenue.  


online marketing and ecommerce service in Bali


Brand website is the most profitable online channel. Why? Because we don't need to pay commission for any booking that we received, beside that, we can do up sell by offering package and extra services such as airport transfer, spa, etc. FYI the production of direct booking is one of the TOP 3 production in hospitality?

When our property listed on TOP OTAs, we have chance to get billboard effect from them, when the guest found our hotel on OTA, they will visit our website to find more information about our property. At that moment, we can use our website to encourage the guest to book direct, by offering better price or value. 

To support strategy above, we need an attractive website that integrated with real-time booking engine. Both website and booking engine must have full responsive design or at least mobile friendly. Study in 2016, 50% of online booking made from mobile devices. 

Bali Online Marketing help you to manage your brand website, especially your booking engine to increase direct / low commission bookings. To deliver optimum service we also provide website and photography service, our website and photography are designed and taken special for hospitality industry.


"Online business is always changing and innovating, do not get left behind!"