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  • Do you take over the booking payment process?
    No, we do believe if the process of booking payment must be handled by property directly, this will help your property to have a healthy and flexible cash flow.
  • Do you offer a system such as property management system, channel manager, and booking engine too?
    We don't have our own system, but we do have a package that includes 3rd party, this package includes couple of systems such as Front Desk System, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Rate Shopper, and Guest Communication Tool.
  • How long is the setup?
    If your property is already open and have a good photos, the setup usually take around 14-30 days, please note if we do have standard of property's contents, especially the photos, the setup may delayed if the quality contents of your property is poor, we will recommend you to take a new photos or use a photographer who we recommend.
  • Do you offer marketing for all type of business?
    At this time, we focus our services on hotel accommodation providers, outside this industry, we can still help in creating websites and advertising services such as Google SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Ads.
  • How much is the marketing fee?
    Our standard marketing fee is 10% from all materialized bookings, we do also offers flat fee on case basis. There's a setup fee as well to setup all booking channels, and if you need a website, there's additional fee too for to create a new website. For SEO service, Google Ads, and Social Media Ads, the fee is flexible depends on your marketing budget.
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