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Founded in 2016 by professional hotel eCommerces with more than 15-years experience within hotel marketing industry, Bali Online Marketing is a marketing company that provides online marketing / eCommerce service and consultant for hotel, resort, villa, and smaller scale of property types such as guest house, cottage, and hostel in Indonesia.

The main idea of our services is to delivers the top-notch ecommerce services for independent properties that helps them to grow their business in this digital era. In most of the time, top-notch ecommerce service only can be found on big chain hotels, because most of professional ecommerce prefer to work on big properties, this is where Bali Online Marketing come to provide the service, so independent properties can experience how great the positive impact of the real of hotel ecommerce for their business.

Our main goal is to work together with the hotel owner to increase the brand awareness of the property, managing and optimizing their online booking channels such as OTAs (Online Travel Agents) and the hotel brand website in order to increase the occupancy and unlock every possible revenue opportunity of each bookings. We also provides web design & management. Have an attractive website with a great SEO structure and well-setup direct booking strategy will help to increase the website traffic and the booking conversion. 

In order to deliver faster and more effective result, we always recommend our clients to using a common systems that used by success hotels such as cloud Front Desk system, channel manager, and booking engine, we will help our clients to setup & tuning these systems as well to maximize every features available. 

“Whatever type of business we run, return of investment is they of success, and that’s what we always try to deliver to our clients"

- Putu Yo -

Founder of Bali Online Marketing

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